My mihi

WALT:Introduce ourselves in Te Reo
I learned to say my mihi.
I achieved my goal because i can say my mihi correctly.
Next time I will say the words properly .
ko Waimakariri te awa.
Ko Rebekha toku mama.

Reading Skills

WALT: Consistently read to understand the meaning of the text.

I learned find to key ideas.

I achieved my goal because I was focussed on achieving my goal faster.

Next time I will work harder on understanding the meaning of the text.

ANZAC Writing

WALT retell the events of ANZAC day.                                                                                                   I learned that the World War one stared in1914.
I achieved my goal because I learned about ANZAC day.
Next time I will make my story longer.
Here are some of my best sentences.

On the 25th of April 1914 World War One started.
The New Zealanders and Australians arrived on the wrong side of the beach.
The kiwis and diggers were getting shot as well as the British Empire including New Zealand.

Kauri Year 4/5 Goal Setting

has just shared this Viewable by link Google Document with you:Qwyn

Reading Term 4

WALT: make connections between ourselves and what we read.

I know I can do this when I can talk about what the story means to me 

eg "This part makes me think...."

Integrated Topic - Term 4

We are learning to grow plants and show that we know what keeps plants alive.

"I know that a plant needs water (H20), sunlight and soil to grow"

Room 1 Oaklands Waiata

WALT: show the CARE value "Community" by learning the school waiata and actions.